Shaun Bailey's vision for fixing transport in London

Londoners spend hours and hours commuting every week. They want to know they can get to and from work and drop the kids at school without trains and busses not turning up on time, being cramped into overcrowded tube carriages, stuck in traffic or having to cycle on unsafe roads.

I know how important it is to have safe and reliable transport. I commute from the edge of London into work every day on tube and rail, I cycle regularly, and I often drive my children to wherever I need to.

I want to see a city with safe and reliable ways of getting around no matter where we work or live.

But Khan has broken his promises time and again, stripping out £1 billion from TfL’s budget, cutting investment in infrastructure and improvements, and raising fares on commuters. This has left our transport network being underfunded and overstrained, which on top of Khan’s horrendous strikes record, leaves the network vulnerable to being crippled without warning.

I will:

  • Invest in London’s transport – I will invest in London’s transport network to make sure there is more capacity and increased frequency of public transport to meet the needs of our growing city.
  • Put driverless trains on tracks – I will put driverless trains on tracks, so that hard working Londoners are no longer at the mercy of militant unions.
  • Protect the Freedom Pass – I will protect the Freedom Pass and free travel for police officers, who protect Londoners every single day.
  • Get a grip on road maintenance – I will fight for more control over vehicle taxes to help fund the boroughs and get a grip on London’s potholes and road maintenance.
  • Scrap the suburban driving tax – I will scrap the costly expansion of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone, and use the money instead to fund a clean bus fleet, saving Londoners money and cleaning up the city’s air.